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Furzedown, Tooting and Balham Art Trail

Our local art trail is now available here. Follow the trail to explore local artists based in Tooting, Furzedown and Balham. Collect a letter from each house to guess the name of the hidden local artists and enter a prize draw win your own work of art or craft – all handmade in Tooting, Balham and Furzedown. This year we also have details of the many creative workshops, talks and demos that will be available in artists’ houses over the two weekends. Go explore and create!

Huge thanks to Louise for co-ordianitng the trail and Sue Rentoul who designed our leaflet!

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Meet the Artist – Chocolate Creative

Meet Margarita Lorenzo, the textile/graphic designer behind Chocolate Creative.                                                                           

cc3Tell us about your work. What do you make?
I make textiles mainly cushions, an other accessories such as tea towels, bags, lavender hearts, purses and Christmas decorations.

What is your background in? Did you go to school to learn your printing processes?
I started out as a graphic designer after training in fine art and graphic design in Spain and England. After many years working mainly in graphics, my passion for textiles drove me to learn and discover new ways to apply my graphic knowledge to textiles; so I started my training in Printmaking and textiles, where I discovered screen printing and fall in love with the process!! I learned different printing and dying techniques, as well as how to work with different materials and produce my own patterns. This is a learning process that never ends!!.

Where do you get your inspiration for your prints?cc4
I look for inspiration in traditional craft, embroidery, stitching, old linens, vintage textiles, the colours and look of old houses in Cuba and Brazil, etc…I like mixing the old with the new and that is what I try in each design, to bring a bit tradition into a contemporary piece.  My love for interior design, and anything to do with furniture, antiques and old loved things, led me to develop the ‘Decayed Glamour’ collection.

Why are you taking part in Wandsworth Artists Open House? It is always nice to spend some time with other creative people, and meet new faces and promote the business, I am very much looking forward to show the new eco textile line, and the new vintage designs for children.

What’s your favorite part of creating a piece?
The hand made collections use a long crafted process, from the drawing of the pattern to the silk screen printing to the sewing. I enjoy every step of the process but I would say that the beginning of each collection is the most exciting one: the brainstorm for ideas, sketching and looking for inspiration in museum, (my favorite V&A in London), junk/ antiques markets and shops. I love experimenting with different inks colors, and materials.

Whats a fun, random fact or story involving your work?
I have a small studio at home where I print and do the rest of the work, this small space doesn’t allow me to work at big scale or do other things like printing many colors at one, but rather that seeing this fact as a negative one I use the hands on process to create more personal and unique pieces, sometimes I get happy accidents that leads me to a new design or challenge my work in a different direction.

Who are your favorite artists?
So many people inspires me, specially people who had a difficult life and never gave up on their work, such as Vincent van Gogh, as well as the architect Les Corbusier and his visions for a modern life. Designers like Lisa Stickley who stared making textiles and now have grown her collections and has opened a beautiful shop in London, and so many talented designers and makers – that I get to discover every week through the amazing global blog community and magazines – that make a living out of what they love, run small business and make our lives more beautiful with their creations!!.

cc2What’s the next step for your work? Do you have any upcoming projects you could tell us about?
I already print on ecologically sound fabrics, such as hemp and organic cotton. So I would like to carry on my research into sustainable fabrics and way of printing, I would like to make my products as ecologically as possible. I have started to think of the new collection which I would like to launch next year, together with looking into printing on ceramics.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
That, if you are lucky enough to find your passion in life, go for it!! Don’t be scared of trying, it is very rewarding to work on something you love and feel passionate about it. Sometimes it is very hard, and it is difficult to stay motivated but somehow I get my strength from my heart to keep me going.  Believe in what you do, work hard, stay positive and when feeling doubts, stop, have a break, relax and enjoy life, look for inspiration around you, and come back with more energy and a fresher approach!!!

Thank you.  Chocolate Creative will be at veuue 70 during week 2 of the open house.cc1

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Meet the Artist – Emma Forrester

emma1What type of artwork you do?

I mainly produce paintings with flowers, some are quite representational whilst others stray more abstraction.

I am obsessed with colour; I am always trying to build more vibrancy and depth into my work with layer upon layer of translucent, inky washes of colour.

What inspires you / influences your work?

Inspiration can come from so many places – I’m always looking for texture, pattern and form whether in the natural world or elsewhere. The most amazing colours and textures can be seen on tree bark or more unlikely objects might inspire such as the patina on a rusty sheet of metal.
emma2Where did you train / develop your work?

I’ve drawn and painted all of my life.   I did a degree in Fine Art at Hope University, Liverpool. Afterwards I worked as a scenic artist in the theatre for many years. I enjoyed this greatly and it had a great influence on the work I produce. I now paint on a range of different sized canvas, but I do like to work on a large scale.

Why are you taking part in Wandsworth Artists Open House?

To publicise and show my work in the vibrant community where I live.

What do you like about being an artist living or working in Tooting and Furzedown?

I’ve always enjoyed living in Furzedown and now I’ve met so many other artists living and working locally through Wandsworth Open House it’s even better.emma3

Who is favourite artist / art work and why?

One of my favourite artists at the moment is Elaine Pamphilon- an artist who paints St Ives and it’s environs so beautifully.

And finally, do you have any exhibitions planned?

My next show will be at Wimbledon Art Studios Thurs 26th November- Sunday 29th See website for details –

 Thank you.  Emma Forrester’s work will be on display at venue 67 in the brochure.


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Meet the Artist – Valerie Taylor

VR1 CLINGING TREES 28X38cm £75What type of art work you do?   Landscapes and life in charcoal and/or watercolour mainly, but sometimes I find an image begging for, for example, a drypoint line, or collograph (printing from a collage). I do paint in oils but find I am less free.

What inspires you / influences your work?   Looking for the essence of something I see that excites me – the colour of a model’s skin, where the weight lies in a pose, the angle of a tree against a hillside, shapes within a landscape – trying to express the key. 

How did you come to be doing this type of work?  It all started with Life Drawing which I could pop along to a group or class and do even when bringing up my family of four.  And I still need to do it from time to time to “keep my eye in”.  From the body to the landscape seemed a natural transition.

VR2 STIPERSTONES, STORMY charcoal 35x50cm £100Where did you train / develop your work?  Always Adult Education over many years:  Folkestone Arts Centre, St Ives School of Painting, South Thames (in the days when there was Life Drawing in Tooting!) Morley College, etc.

I have been “opening” my house with friends since 1998.   Of course I like to sell some work, but it has also proved a means of making new friends who may be other artists or neighbours and nowadays a community activity.

What can visitors to your open house look forward to?  A warm reception and a works in a variety of media.   This year visitors will, in addition to my paintings and drawings, be able to see some fine etchings by Christopher Browne, brightly coloured felt bags and gifts, Lesley Martin’s ceramic doves, fat cats and pooches – simplified creatures with individual personalities and Ann Funston’s watercolours and glass panels, dishes and jewellery.

Whose work are you looking forward to seeing in the Wandsworth Artists OpenVR3 SUMMER 09 002 House?   I’ll be lucky to see anything!   It is difficult to leave the house because when people have been invited they expect to find you there!  But I am most likely to be able to pop along to Cynthia Wild, a very exciting artist and Sally Dunnett the glass artist.   I have yet to see the work of Adam Tudor who is actually probably the nearest – that is a must this year because he called when I was out last year.

What do you like about being an artist living or working in Tooting?    I can live and work in my house where most of the time it is surprisingly very peaceful and then touch a vibrant world by just walking around the corner.

Who is favourite artist / art work and why?     Ben Nicholson – the master of simplification of landscape.

What new projects do you have planned next?   Having had a busy summer doing lots of painting in the English countryside, the next months will be a time to contemplate the work I have done, where it is going and where to take it.

And finally, do you have any exhibitions planned?   As a member of WAC (the Wandsworth Artists’ Co-operative) I hope to be showing in Battersea in November and at the Cotton Atrium in May 2010 if the plans come together.

Thank you.  Valerie’s work will be on display at venue 56 in the brochure.

VR4 SUMMER 09 068

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Meet the Artist – Sue Rowling

What type of art work you do?SR1

Landscapes, abstracts and still life prints and paintings

What inspires you / influences your work?


How did you come to be doing this type of work?
 A love of interiors

Where did you train / develop your work?

Winchester School of Art. I studied textile design and worked as a fashion fabric designer and colour consultant.  After a career break I completed a printmaking course at London College of Printing and now produce monoscreen prints and landscapes as well as felted lambswool cushions.

SR2Why are you taking part in Wandsworth Artists Open House?

Much less formal than a gallery and I can hang pieces the way I like them.

 What can visitors to your open house look forward to?

Colourful landscapes, abstracts, collaged still life prints and lambswool cushions.

 What do you like about being an artist living or working in Tooting and Furzedown?

I love the mixes of cultures in Tooting

 What new projects do you have planned next?SR3

I have just sold a large collection to the Royal Bank of Scotland and am now working on some large scale abstracts for another Corporate client.  I am also planning to introduce more colours into the cushion range.

And finally, do you have any exhibitions planned?

I am showing at Art for Youth at the Mall Galleries and the Affordable Art Fair with Greenwich Printmakers in October 2009.

Thank you.   Sue’s work will be on display at venue 72 in the brochure.


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Meet the Artist – Fabric Nation


What type of art work you do?   I work with vintage fabrics from the 1950s, 60s and 70s, reworking them into accessories and homewares, including purses, brooches, fascinators, dogs, birds, cats and bags.  I will also have a Halloween range using some of my contemporary US designer’s fabrics, including some scary bunting and spooky jewellery!

Fabric Nation dog brooch selectionWhat inspires you / influences your work?   I love print and pattern, particularly simple printing techniques.  My favourites at the moment are souvenir fabrics with simple screen printed seaside scenes, often just two or three colours, on vintage linens. They evoke bright, sunny holidays with the simplest of images.

How did you come to be doing this type of work?  Since my teens I have been unable to walk past a pair of curtains without wanting to snip and stitch them into something to wear or use.  I enjoy taking something old and unused and upcycling it into something with a new life.

Where did you train / develop your work?  I am self taught, taking my inspiration from vintage pattern and craft books and the DIY ethos I grew up from the post-punk years when I first had market stall as a teenager and was also running a record label. I grew up with people my age all making things themselves, from music to art to clothes and love the current resurgence in crafts seen in the neo-crafting

Why are you taking part in Wandsworth Artists Open House?  I have been taking part in open houses in Wandsworth, Dulwich and Brighton and love the opportunity to meet local people who share my delight in vintage fabrics.  Through open houses I have met many inspiring local artists, and I am very excited about this year as some of these local artists are joining me in this years’ open house.

 What can visitors to your open house look forward to?  We will have a feast for the eyes, with lots of vintage fabric creations from me, but also jewellery from Louise Williams, Amelia Critchlow’s textile narratives, fused glass from Mandy Treptow and contemporary cushions and accessories from Chocolate Creative.  Homemade cakes and cups of tea will be available as well as a chance to join in our bunting and brooch making workshops on each afternoon of the open house.  We have lucky bags for the first 20 visitors to our house!

Whose work are you looking forward to seeing in the Wandsworth Artists Open House?   Looking at the other Meet the Artist interviews I am overwhelmed by the creativity and talent that exists among my neighbours and can’t wait to see some of this work for real.


What do you like about being an artist living or working in Tooting?  I have lovely creative neighbours I have met as a result of the Open House and enjoy the diversity on Tooting’s streets. I feel very lucky to be living in London, with people from all over the world making this one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Beautiful green spaces are a short walk away, including the fabulous lido, the best swim in town. And of course some fantastic fabric shops!

Who is favourite artist / art work and why?  My current faves include contemporary textile designers who’s work is influenced by C20 design, including Jane Foster, Lucie Summers and the work from St Judes. I also like paper cut artists Nikki Mcclure and Rob Ryan and have a weakness for etchings and other printmaking techniques.  I am also lucky to be part of Folksy, a UK handmade online shopping site, full of lots of contemporary UK talented designers, makers and artists. Their work is a constant inspiration.

brooch-trioWhat new projects do you have planned next?  I am working on a fabric nation textile, creating a map of the UK using my vintage fabrics for each county. I am also looking forward to my fabric Christmas decorations, based on old fashioned baubles and trees.

And finally, do you have any exhibitions planned?  I have a folksy shop and a busy few months ahead and will be taking part in the Got Craft, Crafty Pint Christmas Workshops, Handmade in Tooting and a few more!


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Meet the Artist – Gina Glover

glover Treetops_a4Gina Glover was born in London, England. She trained in Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art, later obtaining a photography degree at the University of Westminster. She is a co-founder and Director of the Photofusion Photography Centre, London and a freelance photographic artist and lecturer.

Gina makes site specific artwork for hospitals and lectures on themes such as ‘Creativity, Photography and the Mind’. In 2008 Gina received the Royal Photographic Society’s Hood Medal, and she has been twice winner of the Medical Research Council/Novartis/Daily Telegraph Visions of Science Award.

Much of Gina’s work involves stories, symbols and time. She explores sensual and emotionalglover Almond_blossom_a4 responses to the world, much as one does as a child. She uses a simple pinhole camera which is little more than a box with a light-hole and through her long exposures constructs images through layering light on film, a process which seemingly slows down time and alters our perceptual balance.

Gina Glover’s book, Object of Colour: Baltic Coast, recently published by Foxhall Publishing Ltd, is a collaboration with the novelist and poet Kay Syrad, featuring Kay’s poems made in response to Gina’s photographs of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia.

Gina is pleased to be taking part in the Wandsworth open house as she will be exhibiting with her daughter Jessica Rayner. She looks forward to meeting and exchanging ideas on her work with local people. Visitors will be able to see a wide range of work both her personal pinhole photography and her artworks relating to science and art made during her art residences in hospitals.

Photofusion picture library distributes her social documentary photography, and Millennium and Corbis distribute her art photography. Her fine art prints are distributed by Keith Cavanagh, London; De Santos Gallery, Houston, USA; Wanted Paris, Paris; and Le Bleu du Ciel, Lyon, France.

glover Chromosomal stripy socks

Her public artwork can be seen at:
• St Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton
• Trinity Hospice, London
• The Conquest Hospital, Hastings
• Bexhill General Hospital, Bexhill on Sea
• Eastbourne District Hospital, Eastbourne
• All Saints Hospital, Eastbourne
• George Eliot Hospital, Nuneaton
• Central Middlesex Hospital, London
• Genetics Department Guy’s Hospital, London
• St Thomas’ Hospital, London
• Arthritic Unit, Northwick park Hospital
• Dialysis Unit, Northwick Hospital, London
• Assisted Conceptual Unit, Guy’s Hospital (Artworks in process)
• Radcliff Hospital, Oxford
• Oncology Unit, Bromley Hospital, Kent

Thank you. Gina’s work can be seen at venue 53 in the brochure.

glover Ex Ovo omnia_everything from the egg

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Meet the artist – Richard White

RW1What type of art work you do? 

Mainly oil paintings on linen, but I use acrylics and watercolour for smaller pieces on paper. 
What inspires you / influences your work? 

There are many different things that influence my work from distortions of foliage from sunlight to the tranquility of reflections in a pond.  I make paintings based in the landscape that have a sense of a parallel world.

 Where did you train / develop your work? 

I trained at Wimbledon School of art and Northumbria University where I did a fine art degree

Why are you taking part in Wandsworth Artists Open House? 

As an opportunity to show my paintings to a wider audience.

What can visitors to your open house look forward to

Visitors can look forward to seeing a range of paintings in different media ranging over the last few years.

What do you like about being an artist living or working in Tooting and Furzedown? 

I find the easy access to the commons as an essential part of a daily ritual to find inspiration. 


Who is favourite artist / art work and why? 

I don’t have a favourite artist but I am inspired by the work of painters as diverse as Patrick Heron to Peter Diog to Bridget Riley

  What new projects do you have planned next?

I am currently showing in the Jerwood Drawing Prize which is the country’s leading drawing prize.

And finally, do you have any exhibitions planned? 

I have a solo show planned with Myerson fine art for February next year.

Thank you.   Richard’s work will be on display at venue  61 in the brochure.


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Meet the Artist – Elizabeth Spiro

Elizabeth Spiro was born in London in 1942. She studied at St Martin’s School of Art in the early 1960s. She then studied Economics and worked for many years as an economist while continuing to paint and exhibit her work. Having retired from her work as an economist, she now concentrates on painting and printmaking. She attends Putney School of Art and Design for etching and lithography.

Her works are mostly landscapes, painted or sketched around her home in Wandsworth Common, her small cottage in West Sussex, her late husband’s home town in Georgia in the south of the USA, or on her frequent travels around other parts of Europe. Her work has been exhibited, in group shows or alone, in galleries and other venues in London, Sussex, Germany, Poland and the USA. 

Elizabeth’s work will be on display at venue 51 and she can be contacted by email for further details of her work.

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Meet the Artist – Mandy Treptow

mandy1What type of art work you do?

I make fused glass work such as bowls, coasters and jewellery items. I also specialise in personalised gifts for weddings, new babies and special occasions.

How did you come to be doing this type of work?

A Stained Glass module was offered as part of my undergraduate degree in Art for Community. I enrolled out of curiosity and fell in love with the medium. After my degree I wanted to find out more and did a four-week-taster session in Fused Glass, Casting and Slumping and got so hooked that I enrolled in a year-long NOCN Level 2 evening course in Studio Glass at Richmond College and completed this. Sadly, like many glass courses up and down the country, the course is threatened to be closed so if you are interested visit

Where did you train / develop your work?mandy2

I completed a BA in Art for Community & Cultural Studies and later an MRes in Art Studies at Roehampton University. As mentioned above I then went on to complete a NOCN Level 2 course in Studio Glass.

What can visitors to your open house look forward to?

Fused glass work by myself such as bowls, coasters and jewellery items such as rings, necklaces and cufflinks. I will also have some watercolours for sale as well as some greeting cards with images of some of my paintings. But that’s not all – we will have work by Fabric Nation, LouLouWorkshop, Amelia Critchlow and Chocolate Creative. We’ll have Lucky Bags for the first 20 visitors, Homemade Cakes, Bunting and Brooch Making every weekend (from 2pm). Don’t miss it!

mandy3What new projects do you have planned next?

My current project is our beautiful baby daughter that was born earlier this year! However I continue to sell my work at the global Etsy network of all things handmade and will expand the range on offer there in the coming months.

And finally, do you have any exhibitions planned?

I have teamed up with Fabric Nation and together we will be exhibiting at “Sparkle – Contemporary Craft Fair” at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington on 21 & 22 November 2009. There will be Fabric Nation’s trademark items made of vintage fabric as well as my own work and Christmas gift ideas. The first 20 customers to our stall each day will receive a Lucky Bag and you can try your luck on our singing, ringing tree! Be sure to pay us a visit!

Thank you.

Mandy’s work will be on display at venue 70 in the brochure.


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