Meet the Artist – Fio Adamson

October 1, 2009 at 10:14 am 1 comment

fio1About you

I am a white artist interested in white skin as a surface Taking it as my starting point I work at one remove from the ready-made or found object to create white-skinned forms of familiar objects and body parts, evoking memory, death, the soul and the subconscious. I have a strong interest in form as well as content and find pure joy in the juxtaposition of solid and weighty with airy and translucent; the miniature with the life sized, the mundane with the fantastic, the role of the object with the role of the spirit. My work often mimics the repetition of anxiety or the dislocation of madness, balanced by humour and whimsy.

What type of art work you do?

As well as 3D work, mostly in tissue paper, I like to draw, especially directly onto walls. Some people may have seen the murals I did in graphite at Tooting Lido for the centenary year.

fio2What inspires you / influences your work?

Form and texture, light and shadow, the miniature and the gigantic. Weird juxtapositions. Whimsical, joyful artists such as Rebecca Warren. Connection opposing dislocation, madness and death. But as well, the differences between people, their history, cultures and backgrounds, and specifically how as white people we are slowly slowly learning that we are not something special called ‘the norm’.

How did you come to be doing this type of work?

Through life experience and the inspiration of an artist called Valerie Jolly who was making forms from tissue paper before I did. In it I found a light… light… lighter way to acknowledge the connection between people without being overwhelmed by the weight of dislocation, madness and death. As for drawing on walls I guess it was at primary school when my friends and I drew green pictures through leaves on whitewashed walls. Like me the drawings have grown bigger and bolder.

Where did you train / develop your work?fio3

When looking for an evening class to do GCSE Art I was lucky enough to speak to Martyn Jones at Croydon College. He refused to let me do GCSE when he hadn’t even met me, insisting that I went to his ‘A’ Level class. He constantly encouraged me until I had by passed half the ‘A’ Level, done the Foundation course and got a place at Central St. Martins. I have just graduated from there five years of a part-time BA later.

Why are you taking part in Wandsworth Artists Open House?

Because I now have the opportunity to become a professional artist and this is where I begin. What can visitors to your open house look forward to? There are five of us showing at my house, most of whom live in Dahomey Road: Amy Adams takes stunning atmospheric photographs;  Spikey Pete’s cartoons are exquisitely drawn and wonderfully understated (think Twenty-first Century Edward Lear) – just the thing to grace your hallway or loo and make your guests giggle; Rachel Langley’s beaded jewellery is lovely and would make great Christmas presents if you’re thinking that far ahead; Sheila Morley’s seascapes are so wild and stunning you can only imagine yourself in or on the waves; My ghostly domestic and other objects transforming the space.

Whose work are you looking forward to seeing in the Wandsworth Artists Openfio4 House?

As many of my neighbours as I can get round while the others look after my house!

What do you like about being an artist living or working in Tooting and Furzedown?

I’m so enjoying getting to know artists locally and look forward to further developing friendships and working relationships with them.

Who is favourite artist / art work and why?

To many to choose from but I love Rebecca Warren for her humour and whimsical contrasts; Kathy Prendergast for her tender delicacy; Doris Salcedo for her weight of content and textures, Ann Hamilton for her big scale knowledge of human dignity……. and many many more. What new projects do you have planned next? I want to improve my life drawing.

And finally, do you have any exhibitions planned?

‘Home’ at the Foundling Museum with Sandra Saldhana and Sarah Gillam – no dates yet.

Thank you. Fio Adamson’s work will be on display at venue 69 in the brochure.



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Meet the Artist – Chocolate Creative Wandsworth Artists Open House

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